Our Love & Hate Relationship with Food!!! Holiday Series Part

So what’s next??? What can I do to survive and maintain during this critical time of
year?!! Well, I’m glad you asked!!!
Here is your formula for survival!!
Portion Sizes
– The food pyramid as we know it has been revamped. It’s be redesigned to help
us see food from a different perspective and eliminate the limitations we have put on a
“healthy” food choice. It’s simple to understand and easy to use without a drastic and often
times traumatic change in food selections. A fabulous tool you can use is
Time of Consumption
– Eat heavier foods during your most active times of day i.e.
breakfast or lunch. Choose to eat three meals and 3 snacks or 6 small meals/ snacks per day.
Unless under strict supervision of your primary care physician, avoid drastic weight loss “diets”
not deemed medically necessary. Eat foods you would normally eat and make sensible and
sustainable food changes. Continue to drink plenty of water. It remains the great hydrator and
metabolism facilitator. Christmas dinner will be full of “goodies”. So be consistent with
maintenance of your meal consumption times. This is a natural appetite suppressor. You will
tend to eat the same portion sizes your body is use to eating. Sample the foods instead of
overindulging. This way no negative eating cycle is created due to guilt for overeating. Being
with family and friends elicits strong emotions. This can cause overindulgence too. Be
cognizant of this factor. Be aware and in control with these emotions. Separate what your
feeling and deal with those issue(s) and only eat when you are truly hungry. Watch liquor
consumption. Remember liquor is empty calories and can pack pounds on even if you remain
watchful of your eating habits.
Food preparation
– We all know that we are not marching into Grandma , Mama, or
Auntie/Uncle’s house making demands on what and how things are being cooked. If we are
lucky we can ask for a special dish to be made but that’s the extent of any “demands”. Eat the
least amount of fried foods as possible. Exchange foods and drinks for healthier selections. For
example, for every 8 or 12 oz soda or fruit juice you drink, make the next two beverages water.
If you know there isn’t bound to be fruits and veggies, you can bring that dish.
Eating live food
– Eat more fruits and vegetables. According to an article published by
Oyebode, etal, 2014 “Fruit and vegetable consumption was significantly associated with
reductions in cancer and CVD(cardio vascular disease) mortality, with increasing benefits
being seen with up to more than seven portions of fruit and vegetables daily for the later.” Fresh
fruits and vegetables have been shown to suspend chronic diseases and inflammation.
Remain active
– Be strategic in planning out your work-outs days during the holidays. Be
realistic and honest with yourself. You are mostly not going to work out on Christmas morning.
It’s just a fact. That’s okay. Plan it out and execute it during the other days of the week.
You CAN and You WILL Enjoy this holiday season 2016!!!
United States Department of Agriculture- www.choosemyplate.com
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