“Nullius in Verba”

“On No Man’s Word”

This mantra is one elected to include in our founding principles.  In providing the highest level of care, our qualified professionals design and implement our care plans using Evidence Based Practice. This is a type of care commonly practiced in the medical profession. We do not rely on the latest “fads” when designing our plans. There is a science behind the dynamics of creating, implementing and following a work-out regime. 

When researching sources to support our practices, we gather research from both the opposing and supporting sides. The best sources of information are from credible authors and/or facilities and are mostly randomized double blind controlled studies. We want to present factual information to our clients supporting our practices; the who, what and why when designing their workouts.  We understand the necessity for results. 

We seek to create and deliver results which are sustainable and have lasting affects even if the client isn’t working with our training professionals.  We create a knowledge base within our clients so that they can function comfortably and efficiently in a setting outside of our training professionals.  After all, they are our walking billboards.