We Believe

Body Integrity Fitness, LLC

Building A Complete & Healthier You”

Body Integrity Fitness, LLC  a health, fitness, and wellness company. It was  created to provide a service to individuals with a desire to achieve health and fitness goals through safe, effective, and realistic training methods.  As indicated by our name, we are concerned with the integrity of the entire human system working in tandem to maintain overall health and fitness.

We believe in creating a well-balanced person by treating the spirit as well as the body. We obtain this goal through understanding the state of being of the potential client which includes medical and physical assessments to gauge our potential client. This background knowledge helps us design and implement effective physical activity which help improve daily activities and functional movements which enhances the quality of life. There are five areas in the body which create stability and functionality within the body.  These five areas are: head/neck, back, hips, knees, ankle/feet. There are multiple muscle groups and internal organ systems associated with these with these major areas associated with creating movement, stability and functionality.  This intricate network of systems works in tandem to ensure the body functions at a high level of integrity and efficiency. 

When there is a disruption in any area, the entire body system is disrupted and begins to elicit a compensatory response that is not only external but internal as well- a “sounding of the alarm”.  The internal response elicits an immune reaction which can create inflammatory responses which can trigger cardiac events, hypertensive events resulting in strokes and cause manifestations of other acute or chronic symptoms associated with chronic illnesses and diseases. Externally the response can create limited range of motion, change in body composition and posture, increase pain and stiffness decreasing quality of life.  This is why we believe in providing the highest level of care through qualified professionals.