Testimonial: Tunisia Macklin

Name:Tunisia Macklin
Age: 42 years old
Occupation: Massage Therapist/ Doula
Goals: Tone and lean up my arms and legs. I would love arms like Michelle Obama, legs like Sarina Williams
back like Tina Turner. After working with Joy over the past 6 months give or take a few I have noticed that I have become stronger.
After having my daughter my pelvic floor and core were so weak. Joy’s workouts coupled with Physical therapy
has allowed for me to re-start my running regiment. My body responded so quickly to Physical therapy that my
physical therapist asked “what was I doing”? I told her that I was working with a trainer.
She has truly worked me over. I love , love the results I am seeing when I stick to my plan. I have increased my
endurance and stamina in running and working. My massage patients have notice as well. While working on
them they have mentioned to ease up due to pressure being too much.
Working out with Joy of Body Integrity Fitness, LLC has given me growth with my mental, physical and spiritual
life. I thank God for Joy.