Testimonial: Katheryn Rodez

Katheryn Rodez
Occupation: Staff Development Specialist
I would love to share my journey about Body Integrity Fitness, LLC and Joy Williamson. I have
to go back a little to come forward. Four years ago I tore my ACL and meniscus. I didn’t just tear
it I obliterated them. I did it working out with someone who could care less about preparing me
When I got my knee repaired I gained weight. I was afraid to get injured again and quite frankly I
didn’t trust anyone else. Then here comes Joy, she explained to me what about proper
movement mechanics and compensation mechanisms my body was using. She told me about
how muscles needed to be strengthened and my body needed to come into balance. I would
need to learn to trust my knee again. She told me what we would do and she took her time and
genuinely cared about how I felt. My goal was to lose weight, trust my knee, wear heels and
dance comfortable. She did it, I have reached these goals. I lost 15 lbs, I wear heels and I
Thank you Joy